The Creche is its own Non-Profit Organization and is registered with the Department of Social Development.


After the success of our initial pilot program, our donors requested an ECD awareness campaign be done in the greater community. There was a lot of positive interest shown by the community, and after two parental workshops were conducted, the results showed definite need for more creches.

We will be conducting a more comprehensive study in order to ascertain the feasibility of establishing up another two creches in the community of kwaMasinenge.

We require the following:

  • Funding for research
  • Volunteers to perform census and data capturing
  • Volunteers with statistical/analytical and reporting experience
  • An eco toilet system with small child friendly latrines
  • Fresh vegetables (butternut, potatoes, cabbage, onions, spinach, beetroot, carrots)
  • Cleaning materials (steel wool, dish washing liquid, bar soap, cloths, mops, buckets, brooms)

Soup Kitchen

With our soup kitchen running efficiently, it has been decided to pursue a pilot project regarding its future.

We are exploring options to have the soup kitchen run as an independent canteen providing cheap meals to the greater community, run by two entrepreneurial volunteers who will run it as a successful business.

We will continue to subsidise the chronically ill and critical cases, (for which it was initially set up), however the idea is to train people to have business acumen and to be financially independent.

Soup Kitchen
Soup Kitchen

The soup kitchen is always in need of  the following:

  • Fresh vegetables (butternut, potatoes, cabbage, onions, spinach, beetroot, carrots)
  • Dry goods (rice, samp, sugar beans, mielie meal, soya mince)
  • Condiments (salt, curry, knorrox cubes, soup, cooking oil)
  • Canned goods (baked beans, fish)
  • Cleaning materials (steel wool, dish washing liquid, bar soap, cloths, mops, buckets, brooms)
  • Gas fridge

Youth Programme

Offering hope to youth through educational support.
Our goal is to identify and assist young people who have little or no educational support.

Youth Mentorship

(Partner Organizations)

Partners involved with Youth Groups identify suitable
candidates for the Homework Club


Homework Club

Homework Club

Homework Club offers:

  • Safe space / conducive learning environment
  • Mentorship / homework assistance
  • Nutritional meal
  • Internet access

Work 4 a Living

To put Spirit-filled, Discipled people in the workplace who understand Excellence.

WORK 4aLiving Foundation

  • 2 week programme
  • Teaches:
    • How to find a job
    • How to keep a job
    • How to be promoted
    • How to work to a standard of excellence
    • Financial literacy
    • Principles of how to start & run a business
  • Addresses ideological barriers:
    • Poverty mindset
    • Spirit of entitlement
    • Dependency syndrome
    • Morals & ethics

Curricula developed over 7 years
by listening to needs of unemployed
and employers alike.

All graduates of the programme leave equipped to

  • Conduct a professional job search
  • Excel in a job interview
  • Communicate effectively with an employer
  • Understand where employee's loyalty should be
  • Take ownership of his/her job, promotional potential & career
  • Understand that only excellence should be promoted
  • Be financially literate & understanding compound interest
  • Implement effective time management
  • Understand professional conduct in workplace
  • Understand an employer's perspective
  • Serve customers professionally
  • Evaluate moral character and consequence of decisions
  • Start and maintain a basic business

Community Care & Support

Throughout the year we run various seminars and programs to benefit the greater community.

The focus is on providing members of the community with the relevant life skills to deal with everyday challenges and teaching them to seek out and make use of every opportunity to rise above their circumstances.

Community Care

Together with the Community Care Givers, we regularly go shelter to shelter visiting those in need, offering prayer support and comfort and where relevant providing the individuals or families with food parcels, blankets, clothing, and medical assistance when needed.

We continue to have incredible results and stories, which are available to read on the testimonies page.

Community Care
Community Care

Including but not restricted to:

  • Women’s Day prayer conferences
  • Parental Awareness Workshops
  • Child Protection Workshops
  • Health and Safety Workshops
Community Care

To assist we require:

  • Financial donations to have funding available for emergencies (floods, fires, trauma, abuse, medical emergencies, etc.)
  • Medical supplies (surgical gloves, antiseptic ointments, bandages, cotton wool, etc)
Social Upliftment
Social Upliftment

One of the sad realities that the people in informal settlements face on a day to day basis is their vulnerability to natural and man made disasters. Dwellings in these communities are extremely susceptible to fires in the dry seasons and flooding during the rainy. The lack of proper sanitation also creates a massive health risk during these times of crisis.

When these disasters occur, Abounding Hope goes into the community and performs a damage assessment. From this assessment we derive what donations in the form of building materials, food, blankets, clothing, medical supplies etc are needed.

An appeal is then sent out to the lower south coast community, both business and private for aid. We then work hand in hand with other organizations and community care givers to coordinate and fairly distribute the donated materials to help address critical needs of the affected individuals and families.

Fire Damage
Flood Damage

To assist we require:

  • Volunteers to help transport and/or provide necessary clothing, food, donated furniture, mattresses, construction materials, etc. when needed.
  • Financial donations to have funding available for emergencies (floods, fires, trauma, abuse, medical emergencies, etc.)