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Abounding Hope is an organization that reaches the underprivileged in our local communities of the Ray Nkonyeni municipality


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Abounding Hope Community Development

7 weeks into lockdown and the need is growing. Hunger knows no time or day and as I open my eyes to another day, switch on my phone, the messages start to come through.
Thank God for His provision to be able to help those in critical need… Read Post Helping

7 weeks into lockdown

As suddenly as COVID-19 arrived on our doorstep in South Africa and not only entered our homes as a deadly virus, but also entered in the guise of hunger, loss of jobs and income, isolation and loneliness, Abounding Hope Community Development has reached beyond just our soup kitchen…

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Food Parcels

So all food parcels delivered to over 8 more families with 24 adults and children and babies. 🙌
The Creche building which is used as the food parcel drop off and community care building, was invaded by what looked like people fighting off an alien invasion in those white suits… Read Post Helping

Feeding Scheme

We at Abounding Hope built our little soup kitchen just 3 years ago, supporting and feeding plus/minus 25 to 30 HIV, diabetic and TB immune compromised community members in the informal settlement of Masinenge, helping them to not default on their medication…

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